Who we are

A group of Committed Citizens trying to contribute to the well-being of this world. We believe that ALL were created to make a positive contribution to the world and that is our commitment and we do this through the youth.

Vision Statement: Helping the youth be influencers of change in the society.

Mission Statement: To promote youth innovation through direct participation to influence change in the world.

Target Group: Youth who are at least form four graduates between the ages of 17 and 23 years.

Goals: To create a movement of the youth equipped with employability skills as well as adequate entrepreneurship knowledge through training, mentoring and preparing them to learn to give back to their communities through volunteerism and innovation so as to help alleviate poverty by championing for dignity, equality and justice.

Main Objectives:

  • To equip the youth with innovation, employability and entrepreneurial skills by helping them gain 21st century skills, mentorship and internship opportunities.
  • To enlist the youth who are atleast form four graduates learn the art of giving back to their communities through; a) AEIs ShuleYetu Volunteer Initiative by acting as teacher assistants and developing projects meant to help create conducive learning environments, b) Giving their time to the business community and coming up with creative and innovative projects that address gaps in the business and thereby adding value.
  • To organize a grand event where the youth will present their innovative projects that they initiated in schools, as interns or as entrepreneurs to show their impact towards poverty reduction, leadership and sustainable development.