These are some of the project by Access Education International:

Access Education International (AEI) is a professional nonprofit making organization that seeks to strengthen the government efforts in promoting quality education in Kenya. The implementers have first-hand experience in the education sector and have interacted with learners and education stakeholders extensively at local and International levels.
  • Shule Yetu Volunteer Initiative (SYVI)-STEM and Learning outcomes.
  • Donations towards psycho-social support.
  • Enhance Drama, Music and Sport activities for talent promotion.
  • Capacity building of teachers and Head teachers.
  • Promotion of Governance through children in schools.
  • Paying school fees and uniforms for underprivileged students.
  • Research Projects

Partnerships being pursued and at advanced stages

  • Strathmore University
  • Dayster University
  • Experiti (Israel based organization on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs)


The Kenya Primary Schools Headteachers Association, The Kenya Private Schools Headteachers Association, The Kenya Secondary Schools Headteachers Association, The Churches , The Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK), Joslika Consultants

Unique Projects

Unique projects initiated in schools through the youth volunteers under the Shule Yetu Volunteer Initiative ( Capacity building on the Alternative sources of Energy Initiative , Gender Equity Initiatives, Girl Child Education Initiative, Literacy Programs, STEM Initiatives, Know your World Initiatives, Environmental Initiatives, Education towards Sustainable Development Initiatives, Math Clubs, Read Aloud Initiatives, Social work iniatives by addressing challenges of the learners from homes and giving feedback to the teachers for effective learning, Boy Child Initiatives

Programs AEI is currently implementing

 Youth between 17 and 23 Initiative covering, Innovation and entrepreneurship and employability skills- The Initiative although concentrating on Sustainable Development Goal Agenda 4 has components of all the other Sustainable Development Goals. Refugee Program This is in Kitengela in Kajiado and addresses a} Education Component covering English Languge, Adult Education, Accelerated Learning, Issues of Curriculum Shock b} Livelihood Component that covers entrepreneurship and skills development. Competency Based Curriculum: AEI CBC Experts train Teachers on matters of Assessment, design management and values. AEI experts also train parents on their roles.