Our Belief

As AEI we believe that the youth have to be initiated into the world of giving back to the community right from the word go. It is for this reason that as much as we are helping the youth acquire the employability and entrepreneurial skills they must themselves appreciate giving back to their communities. It is for this reason that each of our volunteers have to each achieve our three objectives which are:

  1. To equip the youth with employability and entrepreneurial skills by helping them gain 21st Century skills, mentorship and internship opportunities.
  2. To enlist the youth who are at least form four graduates learn the art of giving back to their communities through; a) AEI’s ShuleYetu Volunteer Initiative by acting as teacher assistants and developing projects meant to help create conducive learning environments, b) Giving their time to the business community and coming up with creative and innovative projects that address gaps in the business and thereby adding value.
  3. To organize a grand event where they the youth will present their innovative projects that they initiated in schools, as interns or as entrepreneurs to show their impact towards poverty reduction, leadership and sustainable development.

Our Curriculum

  1. What are Employability Skills? ( Communication, Team work, Critical Thinking, Ethics, Computer Skills, Life Skills and Time Management)
  2. CONCEPT OF INTERNSHIP/VOLUNTEERISM-meaning/role/qualities- values in volunteering and appreciating the art of giving back to the society
  3. What is Entrepreneurship? Creating shared prosperity (Agribusiness and Rural Entrepreneurship Development), Culture and Creative Industries, Fostering Entrepreneurial Youth, Women and Youth in Productive Activities, Advancing Economic Competiveness among the youth, Cross-cutting Services, Youth Security, post crisis rehabilitation and migration issues, safeguarding the environment

Our Target

AEI targets to maintain the 100 youth it has started with but gradually raise the figure to 200 000 youth by 2025. The youth will be obtained nationally even if the organization concentrates in its areas of operation which are namely: Siaya, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi and the Coastal parts of Kenya.